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Hi all and happy Monday (whoops now Tuesday),

m attempting to get this out early this week so lets see how we go.  I am starting with 2 emails / messages I have received to pass onto club s great to receive these reports and awesome to not only read what RTC members are up to, but how the support of other RTC athletes and coaches has helped them along their journey.  Enjoy their stories:

Mary (Ed) et al,

I would like to congratulate you all (and indeed all the “peeps” of the mighty RTC) for the below email. I am in awe of and inspired by Jules, Daz, Carl, Fi and Judy. To be able to share their IM experiences on FaceBook, IronTrac, via text and through this and other emails has…. I’m not sure of the word I’m looking for….made me lift to another level on my own IM journey.

Before Mooloolaba Tri I must have picked up a bug which I kept at bay until after the race. Suffice to say I wasn’t happy with my performance because I didn’t know I was crook. About half way through the run, I began to have some serious doubts about whether I even had a half IronMan in me. That doubt continued until Tues night/Weds after the race when the bug really took hold. Flying axe handles would be the best way to describe it.

But, I was lying on my death bed when the first of Jule’s texts about how excited  they all were about going to Melbourne and the FB posts began arriving. Then the comments of support from RTC members came in at a rapid rate. I got swept up in all the hype to the extent that even though I wasn’t feeling that great,  I got up on Thursday, onto the wind trainer (weather was crap) and did my set. That in itself was what I needed. Because I was travelling the IM road with the guys and understanding what they were dealing with individually and pushing through those challenges to get to that goal, I managed to re-cock and re-motivate myself. The end result is that since then I’ve been training the house down and I’m well back on track for Cairns.

I know there will be plenty more of these little “moments’ in my own journey, but it’s great to know that the entire RTC crew is there to provide that much needed support and motivation when the going gets tough. It’s great to know that you guys collectively “got each others’ back.”  I
think that this attitude is what makes our sport so great and in particular what makes RTC such a pleasure to be associated with.

Thank you all for what you do.  Cheers
Chris H.

Well not being much of a talker, I thought it may be time to tell my ironman story for 2013/2014, hopefully some of the 50+ athletes may get some benefit from my story in preparation to Port

2013 started off well managed to do Taupo ironman with my lovely wife and good friends the Cawtes, what a great experience.

The plan for the rest of the year was to slowly build for Port ironman in 2014.    So Fiona and I entered and completed Mooloolaba 70.3 and Port 70.3.  Oh yer managed to sneak in the Kakoda Challenge in the spare time.   At Port Fiona and I went to roll down with Dave and
Meryl.  Meryl and I ended up getting spots to 70.3 Worlds in Canada how lucky was that.

Continue to do races such as Hervey Bay 100 and Noosa, Fiona and I then decided to enter Geelong 70.3 as a final training race for Port.  One of the options on the entry was to tick the box if your interested in winning a spot to Ironman Melbourne in March, I thought there’s no chance that we would win a spot to Melbourne, then a few days pass and Fiona rings me at work and tells me we have spots to Melbourne if we want them (WTF).  Well we agreed why not
its only another race and the bonus was Fiona’s family live in Melbourne so would be great to catch up with them all down there.

So training continues with a few adjustments to compensate for the small brick addition of Melbourne, I’m thinking all good better talk to Mary and Dave Cawte for some advice, because I tend to wing it a bit anyway. Then the real training starts, so into week 5 of my 20 week program and decide to go for a Saturday morning  (7th December) spin out to Dayboro by myself, well this is where it gets interesting.  Travelling just passed Rothwell round about at about 5.30 am I see Dave, Meryl and Geoff Oliver riding in the opposite direction so I waved and carried on my way.

I’m down on the bars in my rhythm and then all of a sudden get swooped by a crow, turned my head to see where it was and then I wake up in Redcliffe Hospital with Fiona by my side.  I had no idea where I was and what had happened.  I turned to Fiona and asked what had happened and she said all I said was f……..g Crow and then I remember.  Fiona had to fill in the gaps about who found me and what happened.   Dave, Meryl, Geoff picked me up off the road and called the ambulance. I have to thank those special people for rescuing me and thanks Beth for looking after my bike.

3 broken ribs, broken scapula, broken clavicle and collapsed lung, but I’m alive.     I remember getting a dose of morphine just before they put the tube in the inflate the lung oh what a  feeling.  Fiona was there beside me holding my right arm up as they inserted the tube.  I could feel my right arm getting lower and lower as Fiona started to feel queazy.  The nurse had to take over. Had plenty of time to think while lying there like s stunned mullet and had pretty much written off Melbourne.  When you have been focussing on training and have a race in mind, it’s pretty tough to come to grips with the thought that you won’t be racing and for me I really like the training.   You ask heaps of questions about how long it’s going to take to heal, even went and seen doctor google on line.  The good news was doctor google said the bones in the  shoulder could knit in 3 weeks at best and really its depended on age and health.

I ended up spending 5 days in hospital and had plenty of great visitors and the best thing was my lovely wife was there for me.
Getting in the car was insane pain, I was complaining all the way home about how rough Fiona was driving even though Fiona was driving nicely.  Didn’t do much for the first week and after watching Fiona go off and train I could no longer do nothing, so I waited for Fiona to go off to swim training and thought I might get on the wind trainer.  Well that didn’t happen I was too sore couldn’t even put the bike in the trainer,  so i thought gotta do something so I walked up and down internal stairs in the house for 20 minutes.  You might say why only 20 minutes well as my right lung had collapsed I had no even half of normal lung capacity so any effort would
fatigue me pretty quick.  Next few days tried the same thing even upgraded to the treadmill but only could walk.  Managed 2.5 hrs total for the week.

I so wanted the bones to knit quickly to stop the pain from the bones moving and secondly wanted to train.  I counted the days for the shoulder to stop moving and doctor google was correct 3 weeks on the knocker Soon got sick of that treadmill so decided to have a crack at the wind trainer again.   As I couldn’t lean forward due to arm being in a sling I used the mountain bike so i could sit upright.  Even with bike shorts on the old backside got pretty tender.  First time out managed to do 30 minutes  and by end of the week managed a total of  130 km.
Week 3 I improved and got to 230km and felt heaps better as at least I was training.

Week 4 did similar Kms on the bike and then come week 5 which we had planned a trip to Adelaide, we normally go each year and take part in the Juvenile Diabetes Ride for a cure, it’s a fund raising ride for kids with Type 1 diabetes.  Fiona and I were keen to go as we have been going for the the last 7 years and had raised $8000.  The plan was Fiona would ride and I
will just be there for support as I couldnt use my right arm to hang on to the handle bars as it was still in the sling.  Anyway Thursday came and Fiona packed her bike for the trip, so I decided to see if I could ride my bike on the road, so jumped on and managed to go around the block with two hands. So we are off to Adelaide, still wasn’t sure about riding.  Managed to get thought the ride down there and did 115km all good except for tender shoulder.  Gotta say I was pretty smashed after that.  The one thing you notice when you train a lot is you measure a lot of stuff like heart rate, for me my heart rate would normally sit between 125-135 for a ride, well the impact on the body from the crash I was sitting 140-150.

It’s now 27 Jan still hadn’t run or swim but could ride.  Ended up going to swimming on that day.  First day in the pool and managed to do some breaststroke, wanted so much to be swimming with my mates in Lane 4 but couldn’t even do any freestyle. I didnt say much but I was still  thinking about Geelong 70.3 in 2 weeks so I secretly timed my self to see how quickly I could
do 100m, with the swim cut off in mind of 1 hr, I could do 100m breaststroke in 2.45 minutes so can make the cut off.  During the following week managed to do some freestyle at swimming with Mary’s help and went for a run couple of runs.  Running was interesting I had to hold on to my chest with right arm to stop the jarring in the shoulder.

Off to Geelong on the 8th Feb and hadn’t decided if I was going to attempt Geelong but I took all my gear anyway just do some training while Fiona raced. We arrived on Saturday and the conditions were flat so racked the bike and thought lets have a crack anyway.  We wake up Sunday morning walk out side it’s 30 degrees at 6am and the winds blowing 50km hr and the seas rough as guts.  I have a go anyway and got through the swim in 53 minutes, that was
the hardest swim I’ve ever done and pretty much had nothing left.  Started the bike leg but I had nothing, wind blowing 70 km hr, got though the the first 45 km lap in 2 hrs there’s no way I could make the cut off so I pulled out.

It’s pretty hard mentally when you give up, but survived to play another day.  I thought to myself at least I tried. The following week I felt soft for giving up so I went training again with more
focus.  Managed to clock up 37 kms of running, 3 km of swimming and 230 kms of riding.

It’s now 4 weeks to ironman Melbourne, I’m asking myself can I do it, I hadn’t really decided but I though let’s see how the training goes over the next few weeks as I was worried about the swim and the fatigue to get the 3.8k done especially after the Geelong experience.

Over the following 3 weeks managed to improve in the water and averaged about 15 hrs of total training each week.  One week out was taper time so still trained but backed off to 7 hrs for the week.

Off to Melbourne we go and lucky enough to have pretty good conditions.  Race day  temperature about 20 degrees, sea pretty good with southerly wind blowing at 10 km hr.  I had a race plan, I was hoping to get through the swim in 1.30 at best if I made it and then allowed myself a 7hr bike and if I get to the run what ever happens happens.  So for me really no pressure just wanted to finish if I could.  I figured that if I get through the swim I’m gonna finish if it takes me 17 hrs.

Had a good swim and stayed out wide  away from the packs and finished with 1.13, had a good bike at 6.08  even with the strong head wind coming back on the bike and for the run had the best run ever for me in ironman at just over 5.10hrs.  For me my all up race time was 12hrs 47 mins, to my surprise that’s a PB?

Better put some data in here for the training junkies.  Normal ironman breakfast for me one piece of toast with cheese and vegemite.  On the bike had 3 bottles of Nuun, 1 water bottle, 4 Bonk bars, 5 Endure gels 4 salt tablets.  On the run had 4 Hi5 gels, 2x endura gels and at each drink station had a swig of water, gator aid and coke and 3 salt tablets, so i can say that worked for me as I pretty much had no cramp where normally I’m cramping at the end of the bike.

What made the race special for me was the support from my lovely wife all the way through from when I crashed, I couldn’t of done any of it without her, Fiona your are a special person.

Sorry to leave people out but got to thank all my family for the support and the awesome people in the club who helped me, thanks Mary, Jacko, Jules and my good mates Dave and Meryl.

So for all the people doing Port, keep your head in the game, nows about the time when you start doubting yourself, it’s amazing what you can do if you have the mental game sorted, be confident in your ability and remember the main thing, enjoy your special day and have a great time, don’t forget to thank the people that have helped you get there.


YES Sunday was an awesome day.  The weather was fantastic, the sea flat and best of all, none of the dreaded Jellyfish we were all expecting.  The 750/20/5 was first up and we had around 35 I think in this race.  There was cheering, high fives and lots of talk amongst the athletes out on the
course.  Some took it serious from start to finish and others accepted the challenge of their first Sprint Distance event and kicked its butt.  Great s and as far as I know no-one even visited the penalty box.

We had 2 competing in the Para-athlete Sprint Distance in the Tri 3 category.  Congrats to both Matty S and Debbie W for winning their categories.  Great work

In the Try it out I think we had around 10 competing with some for the first time and all had a great time.  There were a few placings and an amazing t want to be outdone by the finishing cartwheel of his lovely wife Olivia.

In the younger juniors we also had some more competing with a 2nd place to Nemo.

m sure I will have missed some placings but here are the ones I know about, and again if I have missed you please let me know so I can fix it up on the next update.  Congrats to Max, Aurora, Kerry, Lynn, ann P, Nemo, Dutchy, Lachie, Mary, Justin, Louise, Matt S, Debbie W, Ceurine and Bethan.  However great racing to everyone, and there were lots of smiles and laughs as
you passed by the tent.

Thanks again to Louisa and Simon for organising the trailer, tents and barbie and taking it all back home with them.  Thanks to Olivia for the awesome cake and there were a few more slices also being passed around the tent.  Thanks to the RTC members who volunteered for TQ and helped out in a manner of jobs.  Very much appreciated.  Thanks to the coaches who supported the athletes, and to the athletes who supported each other and helped out the newer ones with advice and direction for the race.  Also thank you to the RTC t racing.  Great sportsmanship team. Last special good luck to Gail S, Nev S and Helen S (hmmm maybe your surname had to start with S) for winning one of the 10 keys to the car to be drawn on the 5th May I think.  We did have 2 more names drawn out but sadly they had already left.  Below find a number of comments left on the fb page after the race.   PS I would love to get some race reports from members who did the Sprint or Try It Out race.  Please email them to me at coaching@redcliffetriclub.com  or fb me.

Nana: Great day out with the club – a special thanks to those who came to support – makes it all worthwhile

Diane Hamilton To everyone who helped make today a great day, and those who continue to make RTC the great club that it is……thank you.  The support out on the course today was amazing!!!

Claire Stewart Thanks for all cheers guys

Nev Sprott Our first long course …long course for Helen and me anyway today and it seems once one is done, you can’t go back so we look forward to 2014-15 season with new goals and new friends….thanks RTC members & coaches for all the support. Great to have family along today too cheering us on. Our turn to support the legendary IM entrants in Port in a month. Keep well & safe guys.

Kirstin Leech Perfect morning.

Olivia Smallshaw Had soooooo much fun!!!!

Philadelphia Holmes Thanks everyone! Was a perfect day to wrap up my racing season. Can’t wait to do it all again with you all at the end of the year!

Debbie Wendt The support was great.

Kymberley Stark YES ! Another sensational Tri with a brilliantly sensational Club. Thank you to all of you ~ it was a pleasure to cheer you on ! xo

James Johnston Who is in the draw to win the car?

Michele Egan B What a great morning, it always gives me a big smile when I pass the RTC tent, so proud to be a part of a great club, and I’m so getting a pair of those pink socks you had on Mary Jackson, thanks everyone x

Craig Lee great day!

Sandie Postlethwaite Gutted we missed it due to a sick baby


Congratulations to all the juniors who competed at Redcliffe yesterday. Great results everyone and NO jellyfish.

Good luck to RTC Juniors – Elliot, Jess and Max racing at Nationals (Bendigo) on Thursday. We will be cheering you on all the way.

Last race of the season coming up on Sunday at Gold Coast Triathlon – entries close on Thursday 10 April with compulsory racking on Saturday unless a $15 on the day fee is paid.Refer  ttp://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/multisports/gold-coast/register/entry-fees-and-conditions.aspx#axzz2y92sQNR2 for more details.

Junior Training for this week

Monday 7 April 4.30pm – Core / Run Session – John Oxley Reserve, Murrumba Downs

Tuesday 8 April 5am – Speed Ride Session – Torque Toyota North Lakes (make sure
you have your front and back lights)

Tuesday 8 April 4.30pm – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool

Wednesday 9 April 5pm – Run Session – Lakeside Drive, North Lakes

Thursday 10 April 5.30am – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool

Thursday 10 April 4.30pm – Ride / Run Session – Nundah Criterium Track, Hedley
Avenue, Nundah

Friday 11 April 5.30am – Swim / Run Session – Murrumba Downs Pool (please
remember to bring your run shoes)

Saturday 12 April 6am – Long Ride – Coffee Club – North Lakes (ride will be the
same as last week – 40km for those racing on Sunday & 60km for the rest)

Sunday 13 April – to be advised later in the week.

Monday 14 April – NO SWIM SESSION

Monday 14 April 4.30pm – Core / Run Session – John Oxley Reserve, Murrumba

Mark will be on holidays for 2 weeks from Tuesday 15 April, so there will be a 2 week break until Monday 28 April.

Gai will be continuing on with run sessions for Mark’s group and those wanting to prepare for the upcoming Cross Country school season for the following dates

Wednesday 16 April 5pm – Run Session – Lakeside Drive, North Lakes

Saturday 19 April 6am – Coffee Club Ride – North Lakes.  This is NOT an organised junior ride and you will be riding with the adults.  For younger juniors, you will need to have a parent attending to ride with you.

Monday 21 April 4.30pm – Core / Run Session – John Oxley Reserve, Murrumba Downs

Wednesday 23 April 5pm – Run Session – Lakeside Drive, North Lakes

Satuday 26 April – Coffee Club Ride – North Lakes.  This is NOT an organised junior ride and you will be riding with the adults. For younger juniors, you will need to have a parent attending to ride with you.

Monday 28 April – Public Holiday – to be advised

Any questions, please email Mark at marktucker69@icloud.com or Gai at gaigrieve@bigpond.com

Sorry for so much information – just like to keep everyone up to date.

Mark & Gai


As mentioned before good luck to Elliot, Max and Jess who are racing at Nationals this
week.  Race well juniors

Good luck also to everyone who is racing at the Luke Harrop race at the Gold Coast this weekend.  The final race in this series.

Good luck thirdly to all those racing Pinnacles trail race this Saturday.  The description says 18 x hills in 18km.  Sound inviting??? Only if you are mad and there are a few of us mad around here.  If you are racing we will be car pooling from the church on the cnr of Eatons Crossing Rd and South Pine Rd Eatons Hill.  Leaving there at 5.15am so make sure you aren’t late.  You are supposed to carry some of your own water with you on the course so make sure you have thought about it.

Entries are open for both the Gold Coast Marathon and for the Jetty 2 Jetty so make sure you enter today (or tomorrow morning).  Also don’t forget our own club race.  Make sure you get entered.


All those racing at Port Mac should know that the tickets are on sale now for the Carbo load and the awards night.  Also there is a meeting on Wednesday 16th April for all athletes to talk over the final few weeks and especially what you need to know if racing.  Starts at 7.15am – Venue
tba.  We would love to see many people there.


Wed 5.30am Open Water Swim Spot X (Long course swimmers)

Wed 5.30am Swimming at North Lakes Pool

Wed 6pm – Road Track session – Murrumba Downs

Thursday 5.15am Easy cycle – M & M ride

Thurs No pm criterium track

Thurs 5.30pm Swim session NL Pool

Friday 5.30am – Swimming NL Pool

Friday 5.30am – Tempo  run

Sat 5/6am – Coffee Club Rides (Routes to be advised thurs)

Sat AM – Pinnacle 18km race

Sat 3pm – Open Water Swim + Run

Sun – Luke Harrop Triathlon – Good luck to everyone racing

Sun 6am – Long course brick Suttons Beach – Be there 5.45am so you are ready to
swim 6am.

Sun 6.30am – Short Course brick Suttons Beach – For everyone else.

Sun 4pm – Trail run Bullocky Rest

Mon 5.30am – Swim Session NL Pool

Mon 5pm – Track session John Oxley Reserve

Tues 5am – Speed Cycle Toyota North Lakes

Tues 5.15am – Speed run Bullocky Rest

Tues 9am – Swim session NL Pool

Tues 5.30pm- Swim session NL Pool

Okay I think that is all for this week.  Have a great week and weekend everyone and enjoy spending time both with your family and with your friends.



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