Weekly Update 05/02/2014

Happy Wednesday to everyone
and I hope you had a great weekend.  It was a busy one and this weekend
coming is yet another busy one with the Bribie Tri and other events.


Congrats to everyone who raced at Caloundra.
Again I believe we had a few podiums so well done to those ones, and well done
to everyone else who had a race.  I would love to put out a report or 2
from the Gatorade races so all those competing get writing and let us hear how
it went.

Congrats to those who raced in the Tre
X events
on the weekend. Special mention to Dean who won the
Short course outright.  A talented young man.

Congrats also to those who raced Hell
of the West
.  It was a great weekend from the convoy up
(even taking our own route) to the long trip home with over 30 RTC members
racing, their families and many more from MBRR who we teamed up with to have a
great weekend.  Special mentions to :

Fastest RTC male Craig
B, female Jules D

Lynne D for coming
second in her age group and taking an Australian silver medal

Everyone else who raced
and especially those who did HOTW for the first time.  I even met a new
RTC member in the teams area while waiting for our swimmers to come in.

MBRR and Jenny Stuart in
particular for organising accommodation for so many of us and cheering on the
RTC team as they ran past

Simon, Louisa, Lee and
Sandie for towing the trailer, setting it up, dinner, drinks and everything
else they did that goes un-noticed.  On that make sure if you had a barbie
dinner at the trailer that you give Simon $10 to cover food please.

All of RTC who
supported, cheered and generally had a great time out at Goondi.  We had
many good reports back from competitors who appreciated the support they were
given by RTC all over the course.  Special mention from a few to Radish
for going out of his way to help some newbies in their racing.

Everyone who joined with
me in celebrating International TuTu day on the Sunday.  Perfect day to
have a birthday.

Our condolences go out to the family of a young man who died after completing
the run leg in a team at this event. Despite medical personnel being right on
the scene they were unable to revive him.  Cause is not yet known but for
those questioning he was fit, healthy and had completed the run before he
collapsed in the recovery area.  Very sad.


We still have Dave M in hospital following his bike v guardrail incident 1 ½
weeks ago.  Get well quickly Dave and stop giving those nurses a hard


General meeting 7pm at McDonalds meeting room at North Lakes.  All are
welcome to attend and see what is happening in your club. If you have anything
you want to bring up at the meeting please email secretary@redcliffetriclub.com


This weekend is Race 3 of the Bribie Tri series.  If you haven’t entered
online entry closes at 6pm on Thursday or before if 1000 entries have been received.
Long course is 1/28/8 and Short Course 300/10/3.  There are also beginner
and kids events on the Saturday afternoon including a ‘fun run’ and open water

Good luck to Fiona B and anyone else racing at Geelong longcourse this Sunday.
Have a great hot and windy race.

Good luck to Radish and KJ as they participate in the Great Ocean Road charity
ride this weekend.  What beautiful views you will have as you climb all
those long hills.  Make sure you take some time to enjoy them.


Saturday 6am
Coffee Club Rides.  Routes out later this week but leaving the Coffee Club
at North Lakes at 6am (and maybe 5am) as well.

Saturday 7am –
Mooloolaba Open Water
swim + Run.
  The first of 2 sessions specifically for
those competing in Mooloolaba Tri to try out the swim and run course.
Meet at Loo With a View at 7am ready to swim and there will be a run
after.  When finished we will meet up for a late breakky and coffee.
All welcome and you don’t need to be racing at Mooloolaba to come.  The
next Mool session will be Sunday 23rd Feb.  Any questions ask
Mary 0409 002 082 /coaching@redcliffetriclub.com

beginners session this Saturday due to Bribie beginners race

Sunday – Bribie Triathlon.
There will be a group riding up so if you want to join them keep an eye on
facebook for details or let me know and I’ll put you in contact.


From Jan to May we will be using Spot X every second Wednesday morning for
those racing long course to get a longer swim set in.  Meet at the gate at
5am and you will be in the water not long after.

The usual 5.30am swim set at NL Pool will still be on (with core at 5am).


North Lakes pool will be closed to the public next Tuesday 11th from
10 – 2pm (9am session will still be on but try and get there a bit
earlier).  Also Wed 12th the 25m pool will be closed from


It was announced in the paper that TQ are putting a car up as a random draw at
the last of the TQ races in April.  You have to be competing to be in the
draw and be present at presentations to be eligible.  This will mean that this race WILL
sell out early.
  That and the fact that it is the last
race of the series and Red Dog and SBTC will be present in large numbers to win
the overall club award.  SO. That means that if you want to do this race
(and remember it is our home ground) you will need to get in EARLY ie as soon
as it opens or you may miss out.


Training for juniors is
now back to normal and this week is as follows –

Monday 5.30am – Swim session MD pool

Monday 4.30pm – Core / Run session – John Oxley Reserve

Tuesday 5am – Speed Ride Session – Torque Toyota North Lakes

Tuesday 4.30pm – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool

Wednesday 5.30am – Younger Junior Ride – Mark is organising this ride for those
who are too young to ride Tuesday morning and going to States – meet at toilet
block cnr Flinders Pde and Cliff St, Sandgate (please let Mark know if you are

Wednesday 5pm – Run Session – North Lakes

Thursday 5.30am – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool

Thursday 4.30pm – Ride/ Run session – Nundah Crit Track, Hedley Ave, Nundah

Friday 5.30am – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool

Saturday 6am – Long Ride/ followed by short run – Coffee Club North Lakes

Sunday –Racing Caloundra



5am – Core session NL

5.30am Swim session NL

5pm – Running track
session John Oxley Reserve, Murrumba Downs


5am – Speed cycle.  Torque Toyota North Lakes.  Be ready to roll out
at 5am

5am – Speed run Bullocky Rest

9am – Swim session NL Pool

5.30pm – Swim session NL Pool


5am Core session park across NL Pool

5am Long course swim
session Spot X Meet at Gates 5am

5.30am Swim session NL Pool

6pm – Speed run session – Murrumba Downs Cnr
Russell St and Dohles Rocks Rd.


Easy/ Recovery Cycle (M &M ride).  Leave Red Dog Kallangur at 5.15am
sharp.  Be back around 6.40am

5pm – Criterium Track cycle session.  Hedley Avenue, Nundah.

5.30pm – Swim session NL Pool


5am – Core session Park across NL Pool

5.30am – Swim session NL Pool


6am – Long cycle Coffee Club North Lakes

2.30pm – Beginners session NL Pool


4pm – Trail run Bullocky Rest


5/2 RTC general club

8/2 Mooloolaba Swim +
Run (Saturday 7am Loo with a View)
/ Technical Official Course TQ

8-9/2 Bribie Race 3

14/15/2 Qld Secondary
Schools Triathlon

16/2 Ironman Bike TT
with long run

23/2 Mooloolaba Swim +
Run / Brick session Suttons Beach – Long + Short Course
/ Cycle
of Giving charity bike ride.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy February. Train safe and stay upright.

Mary Jackson

Director of Coaching RTC

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