RTC Weekly update

HI all,

October already. How did that happen?? This year is flying by and the triathlon season is about to go crazy. Just a reminder in case you wanted to know:

10 sleeps till the TQ Olympic Distance Race

17 sleeps till Gatorade 1 and Port Mac 70.3

24 sleeps till Bribie 1

31 sleeps till Noosa

38 sleeps till the All Schools Race at Kawana

And the list goes on….


Well done to the 35ish who came up to Noosa for the second of the Noosa Brick sessions last Sunday. It was awesome to swim / bike and run the course with such a keen group of athletes and see them work through their fears about different parts of the course. Thanks to the coaches for giving up their time and helping out and thanks to the 3 water safety we had who paddled alongside in the river. Great morning followed by an awesome breakfast and then home for a nap. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

The last of the pre Noosa bricks is on Sunday 19th October for your last chance to try out different sections of the course. F troop will be heading up on Sat 11th October if that suits you better. More details next week.


Well done the RTC juniors who attended the jnr development camp at Runaway Bay on Thurs through to Saturday. It was a busy but very informative few days and I had the privilege of spending time not only with RTC athletes, but with 96 athletes and 25 coaches from squads all over queensland. The behaviour and manners from the RTC athletes was exceptional and they were a credit to their families and to the club. Well done juniors and well done to TQ for putting on such an initiative.


The next race in the State Series is Sunday week but online registrations close at 11:59PM on Sunday the 5th of October 2014.To register online go to the triathlon qld home page and follow the links.

Late entries will be available online from Monday 6th October to Midday Wednesday 8th October or until all allocations exhausted, however late fees will apply. It will be great to see heaps of RTC athletes competing over the weekend. The Junior Draft Legal races are on Saturday afternoon and the beginner / short and OD races on Sunday.


Don’t forget to read the email update you received from el presidente on Tuesday morning as it contains important information about the upcoming OD race, and an upcoming Open Day at NL Pool amongst other things.

Breaking news concerning the pool open day on Saturday 11th Oct. If you are thinking of buying a new bike anytime soon, Avantiplus North Brisbane are looking for two RTC members to hang out at their tent during the morning and in return they will give you an extra special deal on your new bike. Contact Jerrod if this interests you at jerroddsmith@gmail.com.


The beginners course is almost half way through but it’s not too late to join in some sessions. The next brick session for you is this Sunday morning 6.30am at Suttons Beach alongside the Short and Long course athletes. All are welcome to join in. We will look at Open Water Swim skills, transition skills and practice a few small tri’s.

Bring your togs, bike and running shoes (and anything else you think you may need. For this beginners course you don’t have to be a RTC or TQ member. When you contact us we will give you a code to register with TA and that will give you insurance coverage just for the 7 weeks. Come and tri it out and bring your friends along also.

For further details on this session usually you would contact Dave directly on 0420 363 660 or on email davidc@kingswoodcabinets.com.au however he is away in Bali for a week so contact Mary on 0409 002 082 or teamjko67@gmail.com


Gai is away enjoying some rest and recovery with the family so juniors are welcome to join in with any adult session for this week. Check your weekly update for details of all of your sessions.


Back by popular demand there will be a 15min core session prior to swimming Wed and Friday mornings at the park opposite North Lakes Pool. Kirstin will take this session and it will be free. A great opportunity to do that extra bit of core work to get stronger. You will need a towel and mosquito spray. Starts just after 5am.


The Thurs arvo crit track sessions have started again at 4.30pm at the Nundah Crit Track – Hedley Avenue, Nundah. This session is suitable for juniors and adults and all are welcome.


Saturday 4th Oct – 6am Long cycle – Leave the carpark opposite the Coffee Club at North Lakes at 6am. Be there at 5.45am to be organised. Routes later in the email.

Sunday 5th Oct – Brick sessions at Suttons Beach at 6.30am. All welcome – juniors / adults / beginners / experienced / short course and long course. There is something for everyone.

Sunday 5th Oct 4pm Trail Run Bullocky Rest. Meet at the top carpark ready to leave at 4pm. Out and back course which suits all abilities.

Monday 6th Oct – Pool Swim North Lakes Pool 5.30am.

Monday 6th Oct – Both juniors and adults are doing an Open Water Swim at Suttons Beach starting at 7am (not 6.30am as written in the jnr update). Everyone is welcome and we will go over open water skills including sighting, group swimming, drafting, swimming around buoys etc. There will still be a pool session at 5.30am focussing on Stroke Correction.  You are most welcome to bring your shoes and do a run after the swim.


Don’t forget the Bribie series has opened and you can enter now. Go to www.bribietri.com to enter or for more details.


5th Oct – Brick Suttons Beach 6.30am

8th Oct RTC Committee meeting

11th Oct – Hawaii IM / F Troop Noosa Brick

12th Oct – TQ OD Race Redcliffe / Toowoomba Marathon / Colour Run

19th Oct – Port Mac 70.3 / Bris – Gold Coast Cycle / Gatorade 1 / Noosa Brick + Beg brick

25 – 26th Oct – Bribie 1 / Bloody Long Walk

2nd Nov – Noosa Tri

8th Nov – Open Water Swim + Run Spot X (Petrie Paper Mill)

9th Nov – All Schools Triathlon Kawana (States qualifier for Juniors)

16th Nov – Brick Session / Gatorade 2

23rd Nov – Hervey Bay 100 / Kingscliffe Triathlon

29th Nov – Open Water Swim + Run Spot X

30th Nov – Tri Pink Sun Coast

6-7 Dec – Bribie 2

7th Dec – Busso IM, Gatorade Raby Bay

SATURDAY RIDES ( time to get back into the hills)

Ride A: 100 / 80km Toorbul. Head out to Toorbul via Morayfield / Caboolture. Do some TT efforts (depending on your program) and return the way you came.

Group B: Same as group A but at a slower pace and will miss the TT.

Ride C : 60km. Winn Rd and back. Gentle rolling hills is a great way to get into some hill riding.

Ride D: 50 – 60km Normal Loop the normal way. Option to return home via Elizabeth Ave.

F Troop Ride: 40km + park run North Lakes. There is a small group leaving at 5.30am to get some km’s up before return to the Coffee Club ready to pick up the other riders at 6am. Short ride finishing at the Park Run at 6.50 ready for a 7am start. After run breakky at the Coffee Club.


Don’t forget you must be a financial member of Triathlon Australia (TQ), or be a member of Cycling Qld , Cycling Australia or in our beginner program to come riding on a Saturday morning with us. Any calls phone 0409002082 or email James president@redcliffetriclub.com

Ride Etiquette: A REMINDER FOR ALL RIDERS OF SOME OF THE FINER POINTS OF GROUP RIDING (in case you missed it last week)

Just a reminder that if you are riding in the group you must never be more than 2 abreast at any stage. And by 2 abreast we mean that you should be able to touch the person beside you with your arm outstretched, not just wave at them. This takes practice but is really important in a group setting. This is especially noticeable when you stop at lights and everyone pulls up beside each other causing the group to sometimes be 4-5 wide until the light turns green. Limit it to 2 wide.

When riding 2 abreast do not overlap / underlap wheels. Ride directly behind the person in front and trust them to call what is happening. You don’t have to be right up on their wheel if you don’t feel comfortable there, but don’t sit out to the side of them as it makes for a messy group which becomes a danger especially with cars.

No TT bars when in the pack. You are able to use your TT bars / aero bars if you are on the front of the group or riding solo behind the back, but when you are riding in the group you need to be on your handle bars so you can reach your brakes quickly should you need to.

The front of the group will call out obstacles eg glass, rubbish, parked cars etc and it is the responsibility of all the riders behind them to make sure the message gets all the way to the back of the group. The middle part are the important messengers to keep everyone at the back safe. The back of the group call out what is coming from behind eg car / bus and again the middle of the group need to pass that message up the group to the front.

Mobile phones are not to be used while riding. Not only is this rude and dangerous, it is also against the law. Stop to answer your phone but if you are going to do that, don’t make the rest of the group wait while you chat. Obviously urgent calls are the exception.

No ear phones, ipods or other devices in your ears (hearing aids and earrings excepted). This is a Safety issue and then you also can’t hear me sing to you.

If you intend to turn around early make sure the group leader knows beforehand so they aren’t waiting and waiting for you to arrive only to learn that you have gone.

When taking your turn at the front of the group, don’t speed up. Keep the same consistant pace. Don’t ride off the front of the group (this is also poor group etiquette) and check occasionally to see you haven’t dropped the group. Try and spread out taking turns at the front amongst the whole group so everyone learns what to do. Put the newer / less experienced riders next to someone who is experienced and teach them what to do. Experienced riders don’t be afraid to talk to the newer riders in the group, especially if you see them doing something wrong. It is not just up to the coaches to comment but if you see something on the ride you are on, then deal with it nicely and straight away. We all need constructive comments at times.

Endura orders

Radish is placing the next order this week to be available by the Moreton Bay Tri. Orders need to be placed on the club website by Tuesday please at http://redcliffetriclub.com/members-shop/endura-orders/

Okay I think that is all. As always if you have any questions about up coming events or training please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you out. Either contact GB (director of coaching) at coaching@redcliffetriclub.com or myself as per details below.

Have a great night and a great long weekend everyone. We have quite a few camping so enjoy your rest and relaxation.

Mary Jackson           teamjko67@gmail.com

0409 002 082