RTC Weekly Update and post Australian Ironman wrap-up

Good morning all,
Well it’s been an amazing weekend and sorry if you are tired of reading all the Port Mac updates of fb, however that is where RTC were out in force over the weekend.  Let me give you a run down of the past week and how it all ended.  It’s a long one so you better get yourself a cup of coffee.

Before we left for PM we had 46 racing that we knew of.  We checked the registered clubs start lists and discovered another 7 (they tried to hide but we found them) but by race start we were back at 50.  50 started with a 3.8km swim and all 50 finished the marathon.  Brilliant!

Thursday was spent with a lot of RTC either riding or driving the bike and run courses and exploring the weir crossing we had heard so much about.  The experienced racers helped the first timers see the course, experience the hill and they calmed many nerves as they talked them through the tough sections.   Race preparations sometimes never go smoothly no matter what the distance, and this was no exception.  Pix found some screws missing from his bike (someone did kindly suggest his head also but I said I wouldn’t repeat that) which caused his wheel to grab every time he rode a hill, which those of you who know the course will understand there are quite a few of those, so he was off to get it fixed asap.  Unfortunately the bike shop didn’t have the offending screws so they had to get brought in which would take another day.

Jaco (not Jacko) unfortunately worked out the hard way that his bike didn’t quite fit in the underground carpark and the call went out for a replacement bike for him. The fact that he is 6 foot 2000 meant the options were limited however RTC both near and at home were absolutely amazing in their offers of both bikes and transport to get it down for him.  A massive, massive thankyou from myself, Jaco and his wife Peta for everyone’s response.  They were blown away by the generosity to themselves by RTC.  In the end Dan Hutch’s roadie was fetched by Lowana, given to Radish who drove through the night (well Lorelle drove and Radish slept).  Simon then spent a few hours of his time setting up Jaco and his bike to get him the best fit possible with wheels, tri bars etc and the smile on Jaco’s face all day told the story. Thankyou everyone.

Friday saw Paul S having to withdraw due to back issues and while this was a really tough decision for him, it was the right one for the time.  He will be back again though one day to race alongside his mates.  Friday was also the first time most of the racers got into the PM cool waters and it was an awesome sight to see 40+ RTC together and enjoying themselves.  The reports varied between cool water with cold  patches, to cold water with warm patches (depending who you were swimming behind).  The mascot ‘Ironman ’ escaped his penthouse and decided to go and play all day with all his friends near and far and his antics were captured by many on fb.  There was evidence of him drinking beer at the pub, sitting on Shivs, standing on the front of boats and even standing in line at the physio.

Friday night was the Carbo load and briefing and there were over 80 RTC in attendance with both racers and supporters side by side.  It was a great night and there was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air.  The beer line was very short and the food line very long (which was soon to be reversed on the Monday night).  Seeing all the first timers stand up and receive recognition looking both excited and nervous is part of what makes this night so great.  RTC looked fantastic in their club and supporters shirts (thanks Mandi and Mel) with blue and yellow sparkly hats to jazz it all up (thanks Jules).  Food tick. Speeches tick. Briefing tick.  Photos tick.  Ironman back to his rightful owner and time to get to bed as only 2 sleeps to go.

Saturday saw some of the partners, parents and children racing in both the 5km run and kids aquathlon.  Great work everyone who raced and special mentions to Melita who ran her first 5km run with Libby by her side encouraging her the whole way, and to Josie and Charlie who braved the cold water to do their swim run.  The rest of the day was spent doing final equipment checks, packing and handing in transition bags and bikes, drinking (water and Endura / Gatorade) and pacing nervously.  The partners spent the afternoon trying to be calm, stocking up on supplies, chalking messages of encouragement and working out the best places to see their loved ones the following day.  There was also fb rumours and corresponding photos that Madagascar had left Brisbane and headed down to cheer on RTC.  Alarms were set for 3’s and 4’s and everyone was ready to roll.

Sunday came about too soon for some (and not soon enough for others) and nervously they made their way down to transition to pump tyres, set bikes etc etc.  A few had to make unscheduled trips back to their hotels to grab the things they forgot, Dave thought he would do a very last minute tyre change as he thought that even though it was only flat on the bottom, he might actually need it pumped up the whole way round to get the best out of it.  Michael was spotted running back to his bike at the last minute when he realised his bento box belonged on his bike rather than in his wetsuit bag.  Madagascar found extra friends and the fun began.

At the swim start wetsuits were on (Russ even had his on the right way for once) and they were ushered into their pens ready for the start.  Anthem played and they were off.  The new swim proved a hit for almost all and as always it was awesome watching the swimmers enter the water.  Almost everyone commented how much they liked the new format and it became more like the pool time trials as now they were able to swim from the beginning with those at their pace rather than swimming over and being swum over by slower and faster peeps which in turn led to fast swim times and happy racers.  The weir proved an interesting challenge with the water on the other side being considerably colder than what they had jumped out of.  Back over the weir and just over 1km to the finish.  First out of the water and onto the bike was the superfish Dan H in a smoking 47.10 and we had another 13 swim between 50 and 60 mins.  Benita was the fastest girl in 1.02.18 and led the female charge onto the bike.  Awesome swims team.

Finally everyone was onto the bike around 1hr 40 and the longest part of the day began.  While everyone headed home to change, have breakky and get ready to cheer on the bike leg, Madagascar played and were spotted rolling down hills, getting first aid by the paramedics and having their photos taken with random little kids.  RTC gathered at the top of the first hill with noise makers in hand ready to party.  Dan continued to lead the charge on the bike but shortly after him Nathan and the rest of RTC came thick and fast.  Funniest moment was seeing Jason head into the shame (whoops penalty) box and just as we were starting the calls, in goes Hooley right behind him.  2 for the price of 1 in the photos.  Shame boys shame.  They weren’t the only ones pinged on the course however but the only ones who got the pleasure of waiting their 4 mins in front of the RTC crowd.  On one side of the road was the ‘RTC Zone’ with Kymberly leading the cheersquad.  On the other was the ‘RTC Zoo’ with Madagascar in fine form.  Team Vassey led the cheer from the corner so RTC was all over it and it gave everyone racing a big lift as they came past.   There were hats, masks, streamers, cowbells, whistles, a microphone, music, singing and generally lots of good noise as RTC supported anyone that went past them.  Jordan led the Holy Shiv calls and the donkeys led the dancing.  We were only told about a thousand times to get off the road (we quickly forget these things).  Jules and Paul led a noisy support team halfway along the bike leg and other RTC members were dotted all throughout the town to give support along the way.

Dan continued to lead RTC through the end of the second lap however Nathan and Russ were very close behind.  Nathan had the fastest bike split in 5.25.44 and Jo B the fastest female with a 6.22.33.  The road for the bike course as well as the hillsy was very rough and there were a number of RTC who had significant bike issues to slow them up.  Simon was left with 2 chain rings and 4 gears, Vassey had to wait ½ hr to borrow a support wheel so he could continue and Alex learnt why 2 spares are required in long course racing however he continued to move forward stopping to reinflate as needed and cycling as far as he could before continuing that process.  The very strong winds however on the cycle leg was the thing that really made it tough for everyone.  Quite a few contemplated giving up however the support from fellow athletes as they went past them ensured they all toughed it out to the very end. Only 11 RTC actually rode sub 6 hours on the bike which was testament to the course and the weather.  Still everyone in off the bike and just a marathon to run.  Wahoo.

Nathan quickly passed Dan on the run meaning he led the RTC charge up the hill and then came Dan, Russ, Cheyne and Jason with a flying Craig and then a few back Hooley who was RTC firm favourite to take line honours.  One by one they ran past the cheer squad, some looking in more pain than others, and some made it look way too easy by the smile on their faces.  Lots stopped to kiss their families each lap and receive an extra cheer as they did.  The dancing continued and the running continued.  Craig and Hooley picked off runners one by one with Hooley passing Craig also and by halfway through the last lap it was Nath, Hools and Craig challenging for line honours.  In the girls Jane showed what a classy runner she is to take the lead from Banney and never faltered to run a 4 hr flat marathon.  Great run Jane.  Nathan ran a strong last 10km to hold off Hooley and finished in 10.08.45 with Hooley close behind in 10.17.45 and Craig in 10.20.28.  Hooley had the fastest run split of the day with a very tidy 3.19 marathon.  Jane was overall fastest female in 11.50.12 with Tobi in 12.06.42,  Jo B in 12.12.24 and Amanda in 13.28.41.

The next 6 ¼ hours after Nathan finished the last RTC crossed the line.  Alex had suffered severe knee pain / injury so hobbled, ran and walked for just over 7 hours to be the last RTC across the line in 16.37.26.  A very tough day at the office for him and full credit for finishing that very long run.  RTC lead by Madagascar partied long at the finish line and it was awesome to see so many RTC still there waiting for our last ones to come across the line. Those that could still hobble came back after showers to swap stories and beers with others who had raced.  Great team support RTC.  There were many members chicked on that run with our sensationally running girls and no shame there.  And 7 were even Pixed with Jacko being double Pixed!  Great work Pix.

At the end of the day there were many reasons that people raced this Ironman, and no one will ever completely know how much it meant to the individuals except themselves and their families.  There are many outstanding individual journeys that deserve recognition for not only getting to the start line, but finishing, when they had every reason to quit.  And yet all that started finished.  All 50 of them.  We are going to set up a place where we can put all the race reports as they come in for people to read and we will also have a spreadsheet (thanks Jules) of all the RTC finishers times and their splits so if you raced make sure you send it in to either Jules or myself.  If you were supporters we would love to hear your take on the day also.  Lastly though I do want to mention a few people.  Firstly Colby for completing his 25th Australian Ironman and then backing up to lead the after party party.  Doc for his own journey leading into the race, and then having absolutely no recollection of the last 200m (again) but simply pushed through to finish and then spent the night in hospital.  Tobi thought it was such a great idea she even joined you for a while.

The other 2 are brothers Michael and Glenn Smith who many may not know well.  Their mother lost her battle for life last week and they both fronted up and raced, and raced well in her memory, even finishing together.  She would be very proud of you guys.  Very inspirational.

So if you are tempted to do this race, think hard about it.  The glory is worth it but there is a lot of work done to get you to the finish.  Those who did race be very proud of what you achieved.  You finished.  You are Ironman.  Remember to thank those who got you there.  Your life partners, your children, your training partners, your coaches and your fellow RTC members.  They all make the journey much more worth it.

On a side not there are so many people to thank that made the race the special event it was for RTC so sorry if I forget anyone.  From Mandi and Melita for the supporters shirts and leading the partners to load up on blue and yellow cheer paraphernalia.  All those who kept fb updated all day so people could follow from home what was happening in PM and especially Lowana who had the tough job of tracking 50 RTC online when the tracker especially started crashing and posting the times so that we in PM could see what was happening with everyone.  Simon for the tent, fixing Jaco’s bike and everything he does behind the scenes.  To all the coaches for their wisdom and support of the athletes to get them across the finish line.  To the supporters who especially came down to cheer on no one in particular, but rather the whole team all day long.  And finally to Jules the Energiser bunny who kept us all on track and did a tremendous job organising the IM emails, meetings and everything else.  Her passion for Ironman is second to none.  We were the only Qld team in the Club Championships Div 1 category and we put on a strong showing to come 4th.  Well done team. Very, very proud to be a coach in RTC.  Look out next year.

Now onto the rest of the week.

TQ Fun Day

Well done to everyone who attended this event.  All though our numbers there were small (and understandably so) it was still a great afternoon.  Congrats to our category place getters and special mention to Nemo (Stephanie Leech) for not only winning her age group but the under 15s as well I believe.  RTC didn’t win either of the cars sadly however congratulations to Red Dog for taking out the title again as club champion.  Thanks to James – El Presidente for leading this for RTC.

After we have recovered from this weekend, it will not be long until our club race, the Moreton Bay Grand Prix on June 14. This will be the third year we have organised this race at Lakeside Raceway and the first two were really fun events. This year we have made a few changes with holding it on a Saturday afternoon instead on Sunday morning and we have added the Enduro category. All the event info is on the RTC Facebook events page at https://www.facebook.com/events/495195983922745/ . Just look for the photo of Tom looking like he is about to vomit as Marcus chases him across the finish line. And entries are now open at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=12063 .

Thanks to our club’s sponsors- ASICS, The Run Inn, Avantiplus North Brisbane, Jetts Fitness, Endura, and Entire Health we will have heaps of prizes on offer and for the fast people thanks to Moreton Bay Regional Council, there is $2000 in cash to be won. Mary will once again be running a race for all our children around the PITS and the two duathlons will be spaced out enough for parents to be able to compete and have time to between events to hand over the children.

If you are unsure about running and riding around Lakeside we will be holding another brick session on Sunday morning May 25th at 6.30am.  On that morning Lakeside is open to all cyclists so come, bring your partner, and have a cycle around this iconic circuit. It was great to meet a few new RTC members on Sunday at Lakeside as it’s a safe place to be able to ride and talk and meet new members.

We would love for all RTC members, family and friends to enter the race and also if you are on Facebook or Twitter, can you please share the event so all your friends can enter as well, thank you.

Following on from last weeks email we are now aware of a number of places where tacks have sadly been placed in the bike lanes causes multiple punctures to those riding.  Stay safe and make sure you watch the ground closely (not close enough that you hit it) to try and prevent further issues.

Wednesday 4.30pm – Run Session – Carpark on Lakeside Drive, North Lakes (opposite the boardwalk)
Allan’s Monday night group are now invited to attend this session.   Need to be able to run 2km without stopping (session approx 5-6km total) – Cost $5

Thursday 5.30am – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool
Thursday 4.30pm – Cycle / Run Session – Criterium Track, Hedley Avenue, Nundah

Friday 5.30am – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool

Saturday 6am – Long Ride / Short Run – Coffee Club North Lakes (remember to bring lights as starting to get dark at 6am)
Remember each junior must have a spare tube with them for the ride.

Sunday – To be advised.  Happy Mothers Day mum.

Monday 5.30am – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool
Monday 4.30pm – Core / Run Session – John Oxley Reserve, Murrumba Downs

Tues 5am – Speed Ride – Torque Toyota North Lakes (you need to have both front and rear lights for this session / no lights = no ride)
Tues 4.30pm – Swim Session – Murrumba Downs Pool
Coaching Fees – Mark / Casual – $6 / 10 session Card $50

Pool entry – $5 per visit or multi-session cards available.

Gai / Allan  Monday night juniors – $3 / Wednesday night juniors – $5

Now that we are moving further into Autumn, it is a good idea to bring a light jacket to put on after sessions to keep warm.

Also, insect repellant for running is a smart idea.  There are still alot of mozzies around.

Please also note change in start time for Wednesday afternoon run to 4.30pm

Jacko and I head off tomorrow for a holiday for 12 days so again the sessions will continue with Dave C at the helm of the swim, and GB again taking the Wed evening run set.  Sorry to those who turned up Monday as we forgot to leave the swim set.  Hopefully you all worked out what to do.  For those who have been struggling with the cold pool, it usually struggles to cope with a sudden cold snap and is usually better in the mornings after the covers have been on all night.  You are welcome to wear your wetsuits if you want but it isn’t very good for them so if you do make sure you wash them out very well straight after.  Any questions re coaching then ask one of the coaches or contact James at president@redcliffetriclub.com   Enjoy the peace and quiet without us.

This has been postponed until after I return from holidays.  Please keep Monday 19th May pm free and Sat arvo 1st June free for a planning / scheduling afternoon.


Wed 5.30am Swimming at North Lakes Pool
Wed 6pm – Road Track session – Murrumba Downs- Cnr Russell St and Dohles Rocks Rd
Thursday 5.15am Easy cycle – M & M ride. Please mention on FB if you are intending to go.
Thurs No pm criterium track
Thurs 5.30pm Swim session NL Pool
Friday 5.30am – Swim session NL Pool
Sat 6am – Coffee Club Rides.  Routes as per weekly email
Sun – NO AM session organised.  Happy Mothers Day everyone.  Don’t forget though the inaugural Mothers Day Fun Run at Bullocky Rest.
Sun 4pm – Trail run Bullocky Rest
Mon 5.30am – Swim Session NL Pool
Mon 5pm – Track session John Oxley Reserve. Cnr Dohles Rocks Rd and Ogg Rd
Tues 5am – Speed Cycle Toyota North Lakes. Meet at Toyota on Anzac Ave.
Tues 5.15am – Speed run Bullocky Rest
Tues 6am – Swim technique session – North Lakes Pool
Tues 9am – Swim session NL Pool
Tues 5.30pm- Swim session NL Pool


11th May – Mothers Day Fun Run – Check out the new venue of Bullocky Rest.  Go and support a local run if you can.
18th May – Brick Suttons 6.30am– Long and Short Course
25th May – Brick Lakeside (practice for club race) – Bike / run
1st June – Doomben ½ Marathon (+ other runs)
8th June – Cairns ½ and full Ironman
14th June – RTC Race Lakeside
15th June – City 2 South
6th July – Gold Coast Marathon festival
20th July – Jetty 2 Jetty
16/17th Aug – Rainbow Beach Triathlon 750/20/5 (each day)
24th Aug – Challenge Gold Coast
27-30th Aug – Worlds Triathlon Championship

Have a great 2 weeks everyone and keep training even though it is getting colder.  It will pay off come race day.  Train safe and stay upright.

Mary  0409 002 082 / coaching@redcliffetriclub.com

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