RTC Ironman Training Update 30th January 2014

I hope you had an awesome long weekend, and made the most of either some extra training or time with your family/friends

The countdowns….
NZ – 5 weeks…your volume should have reduced now…and you should be visualising your race!
Melbourne – 8 weeks….your base should be almost complete, time to bring in a few speed sessions!
Port Mac – 14 weeks….focussing on strength & endurance – if you have any niggling injuries, now is the time to get them checked!
Cairns – 20 weeks….and the real training starts!

Upcoming group training dates – advance notice so you can let your family know
Sunday 16th Feb – Dayboro bike TT / run back towards Petrie   ***we need a few partners / kids to help out with water stations & transport back to Dayboro – please email me if you can help out
Sunday 9th Mar – OWS at Caloundra (3.8k wetsuit optional race) – with a ride up to Caloundra & return, run up there
Sunday 30th Mar – Dayboro bike TT
Sunday 13th April – last brick session….race simulation for Port Mac….would be great to have as many Port Mac athletes as possible

For those racing Goondi this weekend, make sure you hydrate well tomorrow & Sat, and prepare yourself for the 30 degrees on Sun. This could include extra salt in your diet if you are a heavy sweater. In regards to hydration, if your body is 2% dehydrated, your performance will drop by at least 10%. Think about your race strategy, not just for this race but for how it relates to your IM – when I raced at Goondi the year I was doing my first IM, I ran the 20k at the same pace I planned to run in my IM….yes it felt slow but it helped me for IM, it gave me confidence I could keep running at that pace for another 22k! Good luck & I look forward to seeing you out there

Social – it’s time to start our Pre IM dinners….
The first one will be for our IM NZ athletes on Sat 22nd Feb 6.00pm at Mango Hill Tavern.This will also be a celebratory dinner for our Busso IM (Andrew, Phil & Campbell) and our Wisconsin IM (Jerrod) as we didn’t have our traditional dinners before their races

Here’s a quote from Muhammad Ali that some of you may relate to….

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion’ “

Don’t quit guys & girls, the rewards are ahead of us!!

Have a great weekend . . . train safe & stay upright  🙂

Regards . . . Jules (on behalf of the Coaching team)

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