Moreton Bay Grand Prix – June 14

Hi all,

It’s just 3 and a bit weeks until the Moreton Bay Grand Prix, on June 14. This is a really fun Duathlon organised by our club and is held at Lakeside Raceway.

It’s the same distances as last year – short course is 2/7/1.5 and long course is 2/9/1.5/9/1.5. We have made a few changes this year, we are racing on a Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning and we have added an Enduro category where you can do both the short and long course events and your two times are added together to determine your overall race time.

The two races are held with enough time between them to allow parents to each do an event. After the long course and while we are working out all the places, Mary will run an unsanctioned Duathlon for the children of RTC up and down the Pits and this is always a lot of fun.

Thanks to our event supporters – Avantiplus North Brisbane, The Run Inn, ASICS and Endura, we will have lots of prizes and thanks to our major supporter, the Moreton Bay Regional Council, there is a heap of cash to be won.

Entries are open at:

We would love some people to help out on the day with setting and packing up, this takes about an hour. We would also like some help during the events and we are lucky with holding a race on a closed racetrack that we do not need many people to help, so you can race one event and help out with the other. Please contact me at if you can help on the day.

The other way you can help out is to help us with promotion of the race by sharing the Facebook event- on your wall please and posting the event to all your friends’ walls.

To assist with race preparation, Mary will be holding a brick session at Lakeside this Sunday at 6am.

Below is the race information, please contact me with any questions. I hope to see lots of you at Lakeside on June 14.


Moreton Bay Grand Prix (Saturday afternoon June 14) – Presented by the Redcliffe Tri Club


Moreton Bay Regional Council – Major Sponsor

Avantiplus North Brisbane – Bike Sponsor

The Run Inn – Run Sponsor

Endura – Hydration Sponsor


Date: Saturday June 14 2014

Lakeside International Raceway

Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah, 4503


Race Details:

Lakeside Raceway gates open at:                              11.00 am

Registration & Numbering opens:                             11.00 am

Short course registration & numbering closes:       12.10 pm

Short course briefing:                                                   12.20 pm

Short course start:                                                        12.30 pm

Short course participants can remove bikes before commencement of long course event

There will be time between two races for parents to pass over the care of children so they can both compete

Long course registration & numbering closes:        1.15 pm

Long course briefing:                                                    1.35 pm

Long course start:                                                         1.45 pm

All finished by                                                                 4.00 pm



Short course                                     Long course and Enduro category

12-15                                                 15-19

16-19                                                 20-29

20-29                                                 30-39

30-39                                                 40-49

40-49                                                 50-59

50-59                                                 60 plus

60 plus                                              Teams



Prizes & Trophies:

Male & Female overall in Enduro category

1st $400

2nd $200

3rd $100


To make the racing a bit more interesting, there will be $20 primes for the male and female who is leading at the end of each leg in both the Long and Short course events. To make it even more exciting these primes will compound for consecutive legs which are won, so for one leg it will be $20, for two legs in a row it will be $50, for three legs in a row it will be $90, for four legs in a row it will be $140 and if you lead every five legs you will win $200 plus the $400 prize money for first place.


Age groups Male and Female in both Long and Short course

1st, 2nd & 3rd Medallions


Plus plenty of random draw prizes from our sponsors- The Run Inn, Avanti Plus the Valley, Endura and ASICS



Short Course – 2 Km Run / 7 Km Bike / 1.5 Km Run

Long Course – 2 Km Run / 9 Km Bike / 1.5 Km Run / 9 Km Bike / 1.5 Km Run

Enduro Category – Both short course and long course races


Entry Fees                          TQ member                        Non-TQ member*

Long Course                      $35.00                                 $45.00

Short Course                      $25.00                                 $30.00

Late entry fee $10.00 applies for entry on the day

(*Single day Lic of $10.00 for Long course and $5.00 for Short course, includes Personal Public Liability cover. For info contact TQ ph. (07) 33699600)

Enter at:


For more information contact:

James Johnston

0412 172 996

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