Long Course News – edition # 1

Good afternoon everyone

Welcome to our first edition of the RTC Long Course News for season 2014/15. We’ve renamed it from “IronNews” in recognition of the variety of athletes we have doing both Ironman & other long course events. Ironman is certainly the pinnacle so we will continue to organise “Pre IM dinners” for athletes competing in these events, however we also want to ensure those stepping up in distance and/or those choosing to compete in 70.3 & similar, receive great info, coaching & assistance to achieve their goals. We recognise these goals are just as important.

We had a fantastic 2013/14 long course season, with 61 club members competing in Ironman events, incl 50 at Port Macquarie (which, incidentally, was a similar number to the maximum we had compete at any of the Bribie races), and approx 80 club members compete at various 70.3, Hervey Bay or Hell of the West events. I think it’s fair to say…Long course and Ironman racing is a very big part of RTC. Thanks to everyone who made last season a huge success, incl all the long course coaches


Thanks to those who provided feedback on last season, we received 13 responses to our survey. We used a “Net Promoter Score” survey, with a fantastic result of 61.5% (this ranks us with the top companies around the world)….great feedback about individual coaches, about the overall quality & quantity of information, about the benefits of training with like-minded people.

We also take on your recommendations for improvement => more variety in Sat rides, weekly program catering towards all needs & abilities (incl IM), incl all endurance racing (not just IM), talk more about winning & Kona, incl locally provided info sessions, opportunities to share & discuss between athletes, and have all athletes doing some sessions from the same starting point when agreed by coaches.

Info Session – 23rd July @ 7.15pm

The venue is likely to be the hall at John Oxley Reserve, Murrumba Downs (where Mon night track is held) – to be confirmed ASAP (check fb page) Especially for those doing Sunshine Coast 70.3 in September, with information relating to training, preparation, nutrition, and the actual course. The general info in this session will also benefit those intending to race Hervey Bay 100, and we are planning another info session closer to Hervey Bay to discuss that course in detail & help you with final prep for the race.


Congrats to our very own Ultraman, Colby, for being accepted into the inaugural Ultraman Australia, being held in Noosa in May….one week after Ironman Australia…mmm will Colby do both of these races???

Upcoming Events/Dates

Saturday 26th July – bike TT at Dayboro. This is a great opportunity to use your race set-up (trisuit that you plan to race in, nutrition incl pre race, and TT bike if you’re using one for the race) and ride continuously without stopping & with some hills. Meet at Dayboro Bowls Club at 6am, riding to Samford & back (50k) – ideal for those doing Mooloolaba 70.3 or Hervey Bay 100. Optional run off the bike (recommended).

Sunday 27th July – Swim / Run at Mooloolaba or Ride up to Mooloolaba then run. If doing Swim / Run, meet at the Loo with a View at Mooloolaba at 7am. If riding up, meet at Coffee Club North Lakes at 4.50am (ready to ride at 5am) – please advise Jules (julesdillon@bigpond.com) if you are intending to ride up so I know who & how many, and will then be able to determine groups. If riding up, please make arrangements for your transport back.

Email List

If you know any RTC members who are racing Long Course events in 2014/15, or considering it, please ask them to “subscribe” to the list via our website, so they can get our news updates.

Have a great weekend everyone

Regards . . . Jules (on behalf of the Coaching team)

Jules Dillon – 0497 078543 julesdillon@bigpond.com
Mary Jackson 0409 002 082 coaching@redcliffetriclub.com
Paul Skelton 0402 782 420 paul.skelton@bigpond.com
Dave Cawte 0420 363 660 davidcawte@bigpond.com
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Dan McTainsh 0403 483 807 daniel.mctainsh@yahoo.com

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