Iron News . . . ahhh the taper . . .

Hi everyone

Most of you are now in your taper, if you aren’t, you are close . . . yay!!! Congratulations on all the training you’ve done, your rewards will be there for you on race day, based on your effort. Enjoy the extra time but spend it wisely – it’s not too late for stretching and core work to make a difference to your race day. Or spend some extra time with your partner and/or family.

Sunday 27th April – Port Mac pre IM function at 3pm at North Lakes Golf Club. We will have a similar format to last year, starting at 3pm so those who only want to stay for 2-3 hours and don’t want a meal, can head home early enough. Those who wish to stay for a meal are welcome to do so. This function is to wish our Port Mac IM all the best – everyone is welcome to come along, athletes, family, friends, other RTC athletes, family etc. Please RSVP to me via email ( or on fb (RTC Social Page). This has now built as a great tradition. We have a few special things lined up for you so don’t miss it!

3.8k Ocean Swim – wetsuit optional ocean swim at Noosa on Sat 26th April if anyone is interested, with first wave starting at 7am, entry is $55 (or $65 on the day). Note: wetsuit is optional but if you use your wetsuit, you aren’t eligible for prizes. The course is predominantly out & back, with a triangle at the turnaround.

IM Partners Info – this will be posted on the IM Partners fb page tonight or tomorrow. If your partner isn’t on this fb page, please email or call me & I can add them, or I can send a copy to them. There’s no top secret info in here, happy to share with everyone 🙂 We want to ensure everyone has the best day possible – not just you guys & gals!!

From Pete Jacobs – after joining us at our IM camp in January, I asked PJ for his tips for a great Ironman marathon, this was his reply to me just before IM Melbourne . . . “You have to stay relaxed. Be in the moment, which means disregarding the fact you rode 180km’s, and any km you’ve run. Relax and take each stride like it’s the first and best of your life. There are no reasons why it can’t be, you’ve done nothing prior, you are just in the moment! Let go of all tension relating to what you think you “should” feel like in an ironman, and just relax”

Have a great rest of the week . . . train safe & stay upright . . . and I’ll see you all on Saturday and/or Sunday

Regards . . . Jules (on behalf of the Coaching team)

Jules Dillon – 0497 078543
Mary Jackson 0409 002 082
Paul Skelton 0402 782 420
Dave Cawte 0420 363 660
GB (Graham Bliss) 0437 818 949
Dan McTainsh 0403 483 807


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