Exciting RTC news

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing ok and managing some training in our glorious weather.

After a couple years of trying, this week the club received a fair size grant from the Qld Gambling Fund (same grant as we received for the trailer) to build a storage shed/clubhouse and we are closing in on finalizing a deal with council for some land to build on. This is great news for the club and all the members as it will mean the club can continue to grow and continue to help lots of people to improve their health and fitness.

The club committee have some ideas on how we could best use this grant to help you all and grow the club, but we would love to hear from you any other suggestions.

I would like to take this chance to think the club committee for all the time you give the club, the missed or shortened training sessions, and the time you may have spent earing an income or spending with your families. Thank you Danny, Peter, Gai, Nanna, Radish, Dan, Mark and GB. And also thank you to all the coaches in the club for everything you do to help people achieve their goals.

Finally, if you have not had a look at the club website for a while, take a look some time as Paul and I have been busy adding info. Under the ‘About’ tab we have added the RTC Vision, Mission and Values and also a page on the club awards. Again, if there is something you cannot find on the website please let me know.

Stay safe and upright,


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