Muffin Sunday

March 1, 2015 all-day
Graham Bliss

Muffin Sunday is on this Sunday. Starts at 5.00am with a 3 hr (max) ride – the ride course will be out and back so people can progress at their own pace. Run will start at 8.00 and will go from GBs house to Dayboro – a distance of 21.9k to the little bus shelter across the road from the bakery. If you would like to complete part of the exercise you are most welcome.

There is a twofold purpose;
1. provide a long trial for those who are IM bound – hence you are looking to replicate what you will do on the day including test driving nutrition , clothes, time management
2. it represents a “see where I am at session ” so any shortfalls in fitness can be identified and corrected with a reasonable amount of time to go 3. a fun thing to do on a Sunday.

If you intend to attend GB must know by Thursday evening please as he will need to arrange helpers to transport runners back from Dayboro and to assist with aid stations. Please email GB at to RSVP.