The true spirit of RTC

Hi all RTC members and friends,
There are many things I love about being the president of this wonderful family triathlon club and thanks to the generosity of a lot of you guys and our club sponsor over the last few weeks I feel ever more privileged to be a part of RTC.
If you did not hear on Facebook, a few weeks ago someone decided to borrow Mary’s bike from her veranda one night and forgot to return it. The Thursday morning Mary discovered her missing bike, two RTC members Nathan Wilson and Dan Hutchinson commenced an operation to replace Mary’s bike via a Facebook message so we could surprise Mary.
By Friday morning Nathan and Dan had received enough support and money and thanks to Howard and Judy owners of our club sponsor Avantiplus North Brisbane who provided everything at their cost price we were not only able replace Mary’s bike, but also buy her everything else you need like computer, pump, saddle bag, lights and more.
Nathan and Dan were then able to pick up Mary’s new bike Friday and deliver it Saturday, two days after her bike went missing. A few things here are really amazing, firstly the love and affection showed to Mary by Nathan and Dan and a lot of RTC members who helped out with support and also the fact that this replacement bike could be organised in two days.
And again thanks to our club sponsor Avantiplus North Brisbane, Mary went back into the shop with her new bike and was provided with a A+ Dynamic Bike Fit by Carl and this will help Mary get the best comfort and performance from her new bike, so thank you again Avantiplus North Brisbane.
We are all super lucky to be involved in the Redcliffe Tri Club and be surrounded by caring people who support each other during the good times and the tough times. We are even luckier to have Mary and Brett in our club as many years ago these two wonderful and giving people, along with others rescued RTC from a possible collapse and did a lot to make the club as big and successful as it is today and continue to do so much for all of us.
Below is a photo of Nathan handing over the new bike to Mary and Mary receiving her A+ Dynamic Bike Fit by Carl at Avantiplus North Brisbane. Nathan also has a video of when Mary found out what RTC members had done for her and that video will be posted on the club Facebook page as I cannot work out how to insert it into an email.
Thank you to Nathan and Dan for organising this and to everyone who pledged their support to make it happen and to Howard and Judy for providing the new bike, bike fit and everything else.


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