RTC president’s update

Hi all,

I hope you are all well and not too cold this week. I have just three really important things to share with you.

RTC Presentation night is on June 28th at North Leagues Club. This is going to be a fantastic night and a bit different to previous years. We are planning a little more formal night than usual, so we are asking you to dress up in your favourite dressers and suits, no, just kidding, just no jeans or race shirts please. The evening will kick off at 5pm with welcome drinks and fancy snacks. At 5.45 we will start the awards and then dinner and more awards and then desert and finish off with a DJ and dancing until midnight. North Leagues Club need final numbers by Sunday June 23nd and this means if you want to attend you need to buy your tickets by this Sunday. Thanks to all your hard work packing up transition after each Bribie race, the money Phil gives us is used to subsidise the cost of the night. Tickets need to be purchased by Sunday June 22nd at:


And if you would like to see who else is going, you can see who has bought tickets at:


Take home message number 1: If you are planning on attending RTC Presentation night on June 28th and you have not registered, you need to buy your tickets by Sunday June 22nd.

Saturday just past we held our club event at Lakeside Raceway and it was totally awesome. Thank you everyone who assisted and participated. We had 120 people competing which was a big increase to last year which was great. The racing was hard and fast with some people suffering doing both races in the Enduro category, from where I was it looked really fun. The results are listed for both the Long and Short races and Andrew has posted the photos on his website. We used a new timing app on Saturday (thank you Paul and Beth) and we hope we have the results correct, please let me know if your results are missing or incorrect. Also please let me know if you have any feedback on the event if you were there or if you could not make it.

Take home message number 2: Thanks to all involved in the MBGP and if you were not there, you missed a great day and I am planning an even bigger and better 2015 MBGP.

It’s nearly a new financial year and that means lots of memberships are due. When ever you are ready, Triathlon Australia and Redcliffe Tri Club memberships can be renewed at:


TA and RTC membership provides many benefits and it would be great if you could renew as soon as you can.  Just like this current year, mandatory TA membership of Tri club members mean that if you would like to be a member of RTC and participate in any RTC training sessions you need to be a current TA member. All the membership details can be found on our website or the TA website. There has been some changes to TA and Club family memberships which are aimed at getting more families to join TA and clubs by making it more affordable. Coaches will be checking membership status at sessions and you will not be able to participate if you are not a current member.

Take home message number 3: From July 1st, if you would like to swim, ride or run in a RTC training session, you need to renew your TA and RTC membership.

As always, please email/call/text/FB or Snap-chat, no I don’t have any idea what Snap-chat is, me with any questions or feedback.


0412 172 996