RTC Club Champs points update

Hi all,
Heading into the final race of the RTC Club Champs, here is an update on the leaders. Just to recap, we created a RTC Club Champs series this year to align with the TQ Club Champs to encourage participation plus the Moreton Bay Grand Prix. Just like the other RTC awards, there will be a male and female under and over 40 award presented on presentation night, June 28. The races in the series are the TQ Duathlon (10/40/5), the TQ OD race (1500/40/10), the Tre-X off road tri (500/15/6), the TQ Aquathlon (2.5/1/2.5), the TQ Sprint tri (750/20/5) and the MBGP (2/9/1.5/9/1.5). 10 points for the RTC winner, 9 points for second, 8 for third down to 1 point for tenth.
In the under 40 females, the RTC girls stayed away from the duathlon, od, aquathlon and tre-x races and saved themselves for the TQ sprint race, so leading is Aurora K-P with 10 points, second is Claire Ivey with 9 points and third is Michelle Ryan with 8 points.
In the under 40 males Clinton Millar is smashing the opposition with 35 points, in second we have Braelan Renton with 19 points and tied for third with 10 points is Rob Tabuteau and Max Rose.
In the over 40 females Kirstin Leech is out in front with 26 points, Nana is second with 11 points and third is Michelle Gemmell with 10 points. Here it gets interesting, as tied with 9 points in forth is our two super coaches Mary and Jules, so it could be on between these two at the MBGP.
In the over 40 males Simon Nendick is dominating with a perfect 50 out of 50 points, Simon is 5 wins out of 5 races so far, can he make it 6 out of 6 at the MBGP? There is daylight to second so you old guys are fighting it out for the minor placings now. In second is Craig Lee with 15 points and tied for third with 9 points is Steve Pearson and Jason Murphy.
If you think I have missed you out, please contact me. I have been using the results supplied by TQ with the people who listed RTC on the event registrations.
It’s not too late to make a late charge up the leader board as the MBGP will have double points on offer and in the event of a tie, the placing at the MBGP will be used to break the tie.
If you haven’t entered the MBGP yet, enter now at: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=12063
As always, give me a call with any questions,
0412 172 996