IM Awards Survey

A few months ago after receiving some feedback from club members, it was raised
at a club meeting that future Iron Distance awards move to a system which
aligns with all of our other club awards and they are based on one race per
season, instead of the current system where all Iron Distance races are
considered. Historically, going back a few years, all Iron Distance awards were
determined by the results at IM Australia, this was changed when more
Australian/NZ Iron Distance races were introduced and these awards were opened
up to any Iron Distance race anywhere.

The club committee decided that from the 2014/2015 season for a two season
trail, IM Australia would be the race which determines all our Iron Distance
awards – fastest swim, bike and run and overall fastest race time for males and
females. Following on from this decision by the club committee, further
feedback has been received from members who wish the current system to remain.
This is your chance to complete the attached one question survey to let us know
your views and the results will be taken back to another club meeting, more
than likely early next year and a final decision will be made. As always, every
club member is welcomed to attend the club meetings on the first Wednesday of
each month at 7 pm, usually held at McDonald’s, Anzac Ave, North Lakes.

RTC Iron Distance Awards survey

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