Fly6 review

Hi all,
Our first Fly6 camera review has been completed by Pix:
Fly6 Review, The footage captured on the fly6 was very clear and the resolution setting ensures good capture of vehicle details, I was only able to use it on my MTB, as the camera was too big to fit on the seat post of the road bike, certainly something that needs to be considered when buying one, though I have done some research and there is a smaller version coming out later this year, so fly6 will be improved on. Would have bought one if it fitted my road bike, as it does give a sense of security knowing that all footage would be captured.
Marcus and Mary should have their reviews done soon and then the Fly6 will be going to Geoff for his final weeks before Busselton IM. After Geoff, the camera will go to Yvonne, Nick, Tricia, Natasha and Clive. And then Howard from Avantiplus North Brisbane will give the camera to one of our reviewers.