Mudjimba Ride

December 28, 2014 @ 04:15

Mudjimba Ride. This is an annual ride to Mudjimba and back (obviously). It is designed as a SOCIAL ride and if you are going there and back it is approx. 205kms. There are options to make it shorter e.g. start and finish at Caboolture Centenary Lakes (160km round trip), or ride half way and get picked up, drive up and ride back (swapping with someone who is riding up), ride up and back but finish at Caloundra etc.

The emphasis this year is again on a Social Ride (not a race) and there will be 3 different groups. That means that you stay with the group you start with for that journey and look after them and NO rider should be left behind on their own. There will be 3 groups and all will be doing the same route via Steve Irwin Way. Everyone will meet up at Mudjimba for a quick bite to eat (provided) and then heading home again. You should feel confident to be able to ride a minimum of 80km if doing the 100 and 150km if doing the 200 although it is designed as a way to challenge yourself to cycle longer than you thought you could do. All groups leaving from the Coffee Club at North Lakes:

Group A leaving at 4.15am will be cycling at approx. 28kph with an average of 25kph.

Group B leaving at 4.45am cycling at 30kph with an average of 28kph

Group C leaving at 5.15am cycling at 34kph with an average of 31kph

All groups should arrive at Mudjimba around 8.45-9am (flats dependant) and re-leave to come home around 9.30am. If you are only cycling home plan to be there by 8.30am.

You can ride up with a faster group and back with a slower group if you want to. All groups will arrive back at different times and that is okay. You are not expected to wait around at the end for the slower groups to come in.

There will be a car at the start for you to put some spares tubes in, cycling food, drinks and a change of clothes if you want for the cycle home. Bring your own nutrition for the bike although food will be supplied at Mudjimba (including cans of coke) and that will cost $5 each payable on the day. We will plan to stop and refill water bottles once on the way up and twice on the way back so you require a minimum of 2 water bottles on your bike. If you are only going half way you will need to organise your own transport up (or back).

So now that you have all the info this is what I need to know:

1.How many are coming, where from and are you going both up and back. I also need to know which group you intend to ride with.If numbers warrant it each group can split into 2 groups.
2.I will assume if you are cycling either up or back you will want food supplied at Mudj. If you don’t then you need to let us know
3.Someone willing to be the sag wagon for the journey up and / or back.
4.Someone willing to be in charge of each group for the journey up and back including a back marker in your group.

I will need to know this information by Saturday lunch time at the latest. Can you please either comment on FB or email me at If you have any questions feel free to call or text 0409 002 082 (although make sure you include your name on the text).

PS There is a small group riding down from Noosa to meet us around Caloundra and then cycle back up. If you are on holidays at the coast and want to join them let me know and I’ll put you in contact with them.